You Throw Like a Girl!

• More than 16.9 Million people over the age of 6 play softball in the USA! 
• Texas rates in the top 5 in the number of youth and adult players
•Team USA won the last 3 Olympic Gold Medals in women's softball (1996, 2000, 2004)

Next time someone tells you, "You throw like a girl!" ...Thank them for the compliment!

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Proudly located in the "Big Country" of Texas

For over 20 years, we have helped girls make their dreams of being superior athletes come true!

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ASA District 11
ASA District 11
Amateur Softball Association of Texas
Amateur Softball Association of Texas

All board members, coaches, assistant coaches, team administrators and umpires will be required to have 
ASA Background checks for the 2016 season. If you haven't you need to start doing the requirements now. 
Umpires should begin background checks now at

Open to anyone who would like umpire softball in 2016.

If you would like to have an umpire clinic at your location contact: 
O.G. at (325) 227-9622 so he can set it up. 
You will need to guarantee at least ten(10) participants.
Travel Teams !!
Approval  does not happen overnight. Teams need to go online to  to register their teams. If you have questions call Rick -- (325) 338-9999. I need copies of birth certificates.

Registered teams are located on the travel team page. If you are not listed there and think that you should be, call Rick, I will explain what I know to be problems. 
14U - Anson Lady Tigers
Anson Lady Tigers took 3rd place at the State Tournament. 
Pool Play 1-0-1  
Bracket Play 3-2
Represented District 11 with Heart and Pride.